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Environmental Education


Since attaining the LLP (Learning for Life Programme) status for Environmental Education in 2014, the EE Committee has been committed to building an eco-conscious culture among its students and staff. It also hopes to leverage on its strong foundation in environmental education it has built over the years by putting in place structured school-wide as well as level-wide programmes with the aims of building in our students the desired characters and nurturing their talents and skills in which they would be able to apply later on in life.



The EE Committee adopt the 3As approach outlined in the Environmental Education Framework (See Appendix A) to instil in our students the love for the environment. To achieve this goal, the committee aims to shape our student’s attitude towards caring for the environment through enhancing the green culture and greening the school environment. Raising the environmental awareness among the school community can be achieved through the structured infusion of EE into the school curriculum. Having acquired the knowledge and skills in protecting the environment, the committee hopes these can be translated into actions through the various environmental projects and outreach programmes the school community have carried out.


Appendix A:

Pedagogy Approaches:

In order for the EE Committee to achieve our goals and objectives, it has adopted the following 4 key approaches in strengthening our SLEEC Programme.

1)    Infusing EE into the curriculum

2)    Developing structured school / level-wide environmental programmes

3)    Enhancing our partnership with our key stakeholders

4)    Building our staff and students’ capacities


Key Programmes:

1)    Infusing EE into the curriculum



P1 and P2

English Speech and Drama

PAL Programme

Water Education Programme

P3 and P4

Water Education Programme

Science Inquiry Programme

Recycling Art Programme

P5 and P6

Science Inquiry-based Lesson



2)    Structured school / level-wide environmental programmes

  • Recycling Programme @ AGPS
  • Project Buddy Clean Programme
  • Community In Bloom
  • Community In Nature
  • Green Waves
  • Sengkang Floating Wetland
  • Environmental Challenge for School Competition
  • Tray Return Programme