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Health Education


  • In line with MOE’s Holistic Health Framework (HHF), there will be programmes and processes that will develop pupils’ physical, mental, social and emotional health. 


  • To raise awareness and empower pupils to make healthy lifestyle choices through diet and physical activity now and in the future. 
  • To intrinsically motivate and positively impact pupils’ behavioural and health outcomes. 

Pedagogical Approaches

  • Direct curricular application 
  • Imparting of skills, information and knowledge to pupils so that they can be ‘agents of change’ and be responsible for their own health as well as the health of others. 
  • To learn while doing (as in the case of the Blood Pressure Monitoring Outreach). 

Key Programmes

  • Pupil Health Ambassadors Programme 
  • Health Zone Visits for target groups 
  • Assembly Programmes (e.g. Health Talks, skits, shows etc.) 
  • Collaboration and Partnership with Stakeholders (e.g. Singapore Heart Foundation Blood Pressure Monitoring Programme and Public Outreach since 2011) 
  • Healthy Meals in School Programme 
  • Health Week collaboration and partnership with Stakeholders 
  • Health Pilot Programme with Health Promotion Board (e.g. Kurbo)