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Information Technology


The ICT department’s focus is to nurture our pupils to become info literate, self-directed and collaborative learners.


The ICT department aims to develop pupils:

·         To be a self-directed and collaborative learners in ICT

·         To be a responsible users of ICT

·         To be an effective and proficient users of ICT tools

Pedagogical Approaches


Key Programs

  • ICT Baseline Training ( All levels)
  • E- Learning ( All levels)
  • Cyberwellness Mobile Trails ( P5 and P6)
  • ICT Integrated Project Work ( P3- P5) 

IT1.jpg IT2.jpg
Pupils collaborating in preparation for their Project Work Presentation. Pupils in Action during the Project Work Exhibition Day!
IT3.jpg IT4.jpg
Pupils are having fun during the Cyberwellness Trails. Learning can be anywhere, anytime!