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Mother Tongue


The Mother Tongue Department focuses on building the foundation of the pupils’ competency in listening, speaking and spoken interaction in the early years in the school. We further strengthening their reading, writing and also the oral and written interaction skills at the higher primary levels. 

In addition, we also organised meaningful programmes to appreciate our culture and inculcate cross-cultural awareness among our pupils. 


To develop pupils into confident, collaborative and curious learners using their own mother tongue languages.

Pedagogy Approaches

Chinese Curriculum:  Modular Approach

  • P1-P2 Bridging and P3-P4 Reinforcement modules will help to build up foundation in listening and speaking of the pupils who enter school with little exposure to CL or who require additional support for the Core modules.
  • Pupils with better ability and great interest in CL will be encouraged to study the language at a higher level through Enrichment modules with extensive reading.
  • The CL PSLE examination will be pitched at the standard of the Core modules.

Malay Curriculum:  Differentiation Approach

Teachers will continue to use differentiated teaching for different learner groups, to cater to their students’ different starting points. There will be continued emphasis on more lively teaching, as teachers use a greater variety of classroom strategies, such as group work to encourage interaction, and songs, rhymes and drama to strengthen oracy. There will also be greater use of authentic materials reflective of everyday situations and contexts, so as to better prepare students to actively use their MTL in real-life situations.

Tamil Curriculum:  Interactional Approach

Teachers will help pupils to use Tamil as a living language and nurture them to become proficient Tamil Language users. There will be continued efforts made to reinforce Tamil in pupils to enable them to become proficient language users, placing greater emphasis on spoken and written interaction skills as well. Pupils will be given various interactional platforms via songs, stories, pictures, animations, video clips, experiential learning and e-learning to equip them to communicate in a confident and effective way in their everyday real–life situations and settings. This gives importance to spontaneous two – way communication while continuing to expose pupils to culture and values through Tamil Language learning to give Tamil Language pupils a sound and firm foundation in Tamil language

MT Teaching Approach
A series of engaging language activities are conducted in school to inculcate the love for reading.
Speech and Drama is integrated into curriculum to build pupils’ confidence in using Mother Tongue Language.

  • Pupils are exposed to a variety of teaching approaches to build up their Mother Tongue Language.
  • Drama Lessons are integrated into the curriculum to make learning of Mother Tongue Language more interesting and engaging. 
  • Pupils level up their literacy standard gradually in a series of reading activities that aims to expand their vocabulary and to develop the interest for reading. 
  • ICT plays an increasingly larger role in the teaching and learning of mother tongue languages. The use of ICT in our MT department makes mother tongue language learning becomes more alive and relevant to daily living.

Chinese Language

  1. P1-P3 Chinese Language Word Games《语文游戏乐翻天》
    Website: http://game.iflashbook.com/
  2. P4-P6 iMTL Portal iMTL乐学善用互动平台
    Website: https://www.imtl.sg
    a. P1-P6 The iFlashbook 小学华文动漫书
    b. P2 Ziio Tablet 
    c. Happy Town 欢乐小镇
    Website: http://happytown.edumall.sg/
    d. Xue Le 学乐
    Website: http://xuele.moe.edu.sg/
    e. MConline
    Website: https://www.mconline.sg

Malay Language

4. App Pintar Peribahasa
5. App Pintar Kata

Tamil Language

Mother Tongue Language Department Key Programmes



Primary 1 Programmes 2016

  • MTL Fortnight Activities  

Primary 2 Programmes 2016

  • MTL Fortnight Activities
  • MTL Speech and Drama (CL/ML/TL)

Primary 3 Programmes 2016

  • MTL Fortnight Activities
  • Speech and Drama (CL/ML)
  • CCM (CL/ML)

Primary 4 Programmes 2016

  • MTL Fortnight Activities
  • P4 Cultural Camp (CL/ML)
  • IMTL Portal Programme (CL/ML)

Primary 5 Programmes 2016

  • MTL Fortnight Activities
  • IMTL Portal Programme (CL/ML)

Primary 6 Programmes 2016

  • MTL Fortnight Activities
  • IMTL Portal Programme (CL/ML)

Mother Tongue Cultural Camp 2015
A variety of Mother Tongue Language activities to inculcate the importance of understanding and appreciating our culture and heritage. Major festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali are celebrated in school. Adding to that, MTL Fortnight activities and the P4 Cultural Camp are also organised to encourage pupils to use Mother Tongue language through a series of meaningful cultural related activities yearly. 

Malay pupils are given the opportunity to experience playing  traditional games such as 'Kelereng', 'Bola Coteng' and 'Tapak Kuda'. As a follow up, ML teachers also conducted classroom activities pertaining to the activities carried out during the camp. 


The Chinese pupils are exposed to a variety of Chinese art such as calligraphy, musical instruments, traditional games etc. An opportunity to sing some Chinese songs on stage had been incorporated in the programme too. Pupils expressed their enthusiasm in playing these games.


Conversational Chinese and Malay
CCM aims to equip pupils with basic oral skills and allow them to communicate with their friends and neighbours of different races as well as to bridge the language differences and strengthen racial harmony.
 Tamil Language Activities Update 2015
The Tamil Language program made a headstart in 2015 in Anchor Green Primary school. With the introduction of Tamil Language Teaching and Learning, various  language and cultural activities were carried out such as Story telling workshop for P1 pupils in 2015 in conjunction with Tamil Language month in April, Pongal Celebrations via Experiential Learning for P1 & P2 pupils in 2015/2016, Deepavali  Celebrations cum mini Concert in 2015. tHese cultural related activities engaged pupils to learn and preserve their cultural roots creating in them a sense of Indian identity and belonging.

Story Telling Activity 2015
This activity was conducted for the P1 TL pupils in 2015 in conjunction with Tamil Language Month in April. A story related to Indian Saree was told in class. The importance of the Traditional costume and its uses were also discussed with the use of a video clip. Pupils were exposed to the various saree types and a video clip was also shown on how a saree is woven. The pupils also had experiential learning when they tried to tie a saree at the end of the session.

Deepavali Concert 2015

The  P1  Tamil  pupils  were  exposed to Indian Culture and Arts when they got engaged in an Indian Costumes Fashion Parade and a Finale Dance Item for the Deepavali Concert. A platform was given to them on stge to exhibit their talents at this juncture. A Barathanatyam item was also put up by a parent volunteer to begin the Deepavali Celebrations with trained NTIL emcees running the presentation show during the Assembly session.