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The Science department’s focus is to nurture our pupils to become inquiry learners with the environment@heart.


In line with the aims of the Primary Science Syllabus, Anchor Green

  •  provides pupils with experiences which build on their interest in and stimulate their curiosity about their environment
  • provides pupils with basic scientific terms and concepts to help them understand themselves and the world around them
  •  provides pupils with opportunities to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry
  • prepares pupils towards using scientific knowledge and methods in making personal decisions
  • helps pupils appreciate how science influences people and the environment

Pedagogical Approaches


Central to the curriculum framework is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry.

The conduct of inquiry is founded on three integral domains of

a.    Knowledge, Understanding and Application

b.    Skills and Processes

c.    Ethics and Attitudes

So, inquiry is grounded in knowledge, issues and questions that relate to the roles played by science in daily life, society and the environment. 

Anchor Green has adopted the 5-E inquiry approach where pupils go through a series of cognitive processes to learn, understand and apply a scientific concept. They are: 



Pupils engage with an event, question or problem that ignites curiosity in them.


Pupils are provided hands-on activities to explore the scientific concept.


Pupils construct explanations based on data or evidence gathered. The teacher will introduce new concepts and skills in the process.


Pupils apply concepts in context and build on and extend understanding of the concept learnt by examining other resources and form links to explanations.


Pupils will assess their knowledge, skills and abilities. Activities are carried out to evaluate pupils’ understanding of the lesson.

Key Programs

  • Science Challenges that provide our pupils the opportunity to work with their peers and apply the science concepts learnt.
  • Sengkang Wetland Trail in collaboration with PUB creates awareness and curiosity among our pupils on environmental concerns.
  • Creative Science Innovators Program and Science Alive Program provide a platform for our pupils to showcase their innovation and creativity in Science through the many investigative projects and the creation of toys that possess at least one scientific concept.
  • Learning Journeys that allow pupils to experience scientific concepts in their daily life, in society and in the environment.

Science Alive at Anchor Green:
The Primary 6 Pupils explaining Science concepts to their schoolmates.
Science Challenge @ Anchor Green: 
The Tallest Tower challenge was organised for the P4 pupils.  The teamwork was excellent.  
Creative Science Innovators: 
Pupils playing with the toys created by their fellow schoolmates. 
Sengkang Wetland Learning Trail:
Pupils were engaged in activities at the Active, Beautiful and Clean Stations at the Sengkang Wetlands.


The preschoolers doing their part for the environment by doing litter picking.